Monday, August 12, 2013

And the winner is.....

Mutual Funds!!

The reason that I've decided to invest in mutual funds are plenty.

1. I do not require stock selection skills
2. I do not have the time to monitor my own stocks throughout the day
3. I do not have the experience in investing in anything
4. I still have some free reign over deciding where my money should go to
5. It is very liquid
6. It has a low start-up cost
7. Benefits of economics of scale
8. Instant diversification within the fund's scope
9. Competition has driven down commissions and fees
10. Requires minimal attention
11. Returns seem attractive considering the amount of risk

Sure, my returns might not have crazy double digit growth year on year, but I think considering the skills that I have and the time that I will be devoting into looking after my investments, I think the returns are more worth it!

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