Monday, August 19, 2013

Predictions for the rest of 2013

Honestly, things aren't looking too well.

Right when I want to enter the market, lots of shit seems to be flying all over the place. So, with all the data that I've read and all that I understand, I'm going to make some wild predictions about this year.

1) Asia Pacific ex Japan will do badly

2) Japan's QE will push it up to end 2013 well, but 2014 just won't happen

3) US is going to decline until the end of the year, and go strong for at least half a year safely

4) Europe is going to have a slow recovery alone

The end of the year sounds to me like a good time to enter all the depressed markets all over and exit by mid 2014.

Again, these are merely my predictions. If you follow them without your own research, you're a dumbass.

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