Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blog Revamp

Heya guys, noticed anything new? I like it how I'm pretending that there are actual people reading this blog when I know I'm just talking to myself, haha!

Anyway, the blog revamp is for myself, so don't worry, not doing any crazy stuff.

I've put some quick links on my sidebar so I can access my own protected Google Drive spreadsheets. It's going to save me time and clicks!

Also, there's a nice little blog roll that I personally click through every day, sometimes a few times a day. I must say, I am in love in reading Zero Hedge. I think it's just fate that the author is writing under the name of Tyler Durden. Read with caution, the posts and comments make you want to sell off all your investments and store physical gold under your bed.

I do realize that my blog so far is just a big big screen of text. I'm currently (actually I'm not) in the works of organizing my own spreadsheets, so maybe I can do a monthly update of my investments and key stats that I look at myself.

Also, I'll be looking towards slowly adding in reputable market outlooks as links on the sidebar as well. I am definitely working towards a framework of helping me gauge market conditions and help me with my asset allocations based on the prevailing market conditions.

So that's all folks, I hope to make this my cosy little homepage! And maybe convince 1 or 2 of you to drop in every once in a while for a read.

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