Sunday, September 22, 2013

Money Honey 10 Shortlist (MH10)

Hey guys!

So, I was going through the website that helps me find the highest yielding stocks around the world, and I came up with a criteria and spent the last 2 hours of my Sunday doing this. You can imagine the amount of pleasure I had, haha.

Anyway, here is my spreadsheet with all the stocks that I have shortlisted for me to slowly review and remove! Presenting, the MH10 Shortlist!

I've got it by Exchange, Category, Div Growth, Div Yield, Payout Ratio, EPS Growth, P/E, Price to Book, AUM and an interesting Relative P/E. Relative P/E is the P/E ratio of the stock relative to the exchange that it is listed on. I think it is a good indicator to judge if the stock is cheap compared to its home market, as opposed to an absolute number, which is P/E, which helps compare across markets.

My criteria was rather simple.

  1. Dividend Yield > 3%
  2. 5 Year Dividend Growth > 0%
  3. Payout Ratio < 100%
  4. EPS > 0% (I left some which are just slightly negative)
  5. Price to Book > 2 (I left some that are above as well)
Anyway, have a look if you want, I'll probably be trimming down the selection after I have a snack, haha.

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