Monday, September 30, 2013

Small Update 29 Sep 2013

All right, so I'm back and I made a huge long post about asset allocation. I hope you liked it!

Anyway, here's so updates.

I've been watching videos and reading from Rob Arnott's firm's website, very interesting stuff, especially concerning asset allocation.

I've also got this link for a market guide by JPMorgan, which is also pretty interesting. I haven't had time to look through all the slides, but I like how it shows empirically that small stocks fare much much better in a post recession recovery.

Finally, I am still short the Russell 2000, though I did get blown out for some stop losses. Considering that I am not at the market top short selling down, I am actually kinda worried that the Russell 2000 makes a new ATH and blows out of stops for all my short sells now. That would really hammer away and take out my profits, also well as 10% kick in my nuts to my capital.

However, I've got a strong feeling that the government is going to shutdown tomorrow. That ought to push stocks a lot lower, as hopefully past down a strong support, which will then turn into a resistance, so that I can stop worrying about it kicking me out. Honestly, I hope for a nice slippery fall here, which snowballs into something huge.

I wouldn't say that I'm fully prepared to capitalize fully on any market moves, because I am also still at a lost of my ideal portfolio, as well as my plans moving forward. I still do think that I am in a position to catch so of the downside and turn it into a tidy profit, given that investing in today's economy is not only paltry, but risky as heck.

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