Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finally All In Bonds

I know bonds are a lot more safe and less risky than equities, which is exactly why I've finally filled up all my bond asset classes as of today!

I've finally filled in US bonds and TIPS, so that means I've got my bond position all nicely diversified across 6 bond classes, namely:

  1. US Bonds
  2. International Bonds
  3. Emerging Market Bonds
  4. TIPS
  5. Global High Yield Bonds
  6. Global Corporate Investment Grade Bonds
I am fairly confident that these bonds should be able to provide me a nice appreciating base on my capital. The only thing that can really screw me over on all of this is rising interest rates, which I actually do not foresee rising too rapidly in the near term future. Hopefully, interest rates can rise a a few bp every other week, instead of a sudden ramp up.

I have also got into a position in Asia Pacific equities. Even though the equity portion of my portfolios are so small, it still gets me worried if I'm entering at a horrible time, haha.

Anyway, that just leaves me with 2 equity positions left, as well as the commodities sector! I have to admit, I am thinking of investing into mining stocks as well as the agribusiness. I don't know if they hold a true place in my portfolio... I am actually guess that they dont, hah.

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