Saturday, October 5, 2013

Leveraging is dangerous

Remember my Las Vegas account?

When I first started, I was down 20% almost immediately. But I managed to catch wind of a fantastic trade and pretty much rode it, as well as plowing in my unrealised profits to even leverage my bets higher, and pulled at at almost 300 over pips. Very prettily came out with about 120% profits.

I added in more capital, to of course increase my profits, since of course this is all percentage based bets if you think about it. I was doing well, on and off, breaking back even to my initial profits after almost a month.

Since the US shutdown news, I've been making HUGE bets on the market, which isn't going too well at all. Who knew that after a shutdown, stocks rally? I got stopped out and about 1 pip after that, the market reversed. Just to piss me off.

From being almost up 25% earlier this week, I'm a steaming seething pissed off guys looking at my capital cut down to just 60% of its size.

Main takeaway from this? Keep stops tight to kick you out when you're wrong, but loose enough not to kick you out from the volatility. Also, the markets are bloody broken, nothing makes sense.

Bad news is good news, good news is great news? Bloody shit.

I think I'm gonna sit out the stock market and just go back to good old currencies with both fundamentals and technical analysis in my favour. Making just only last bet on the stock market, and I'm not gonna bother about it anymore til it starts crashing. Bloody shittt.

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