Thursday, October 17, 2013

MH's Don't Worry Be Happy Portfolio

So, I would like to update my portfolio and name it the "Don't Worry, Be Happy" Portfolio.

Why? Well, the main aim for this portfolio is for me to continually invest and grow it in the long term, with the risks according to my risks appetite. For me, I won't worry, and I'll be happy. I'll be able to sleep at night.

I know I've been updating my portfolio a lot, but here it is again in full, just for my own sake as well. I forgot to mention that I will be adding in Asia ex Japan equities as well, because I feel that entire area has been strongly neglected and just lumped as "Emerging Markets" even though that is not the case.


US eqFidelity Global Div Fd A - MINCOME SGD1.5%
EAFE eqDWS Invest Top Dividend S2H(P) SGD1.5%
Asia ex Jap eqFirst State Dividend Advantage1.5%
EM eqJPM Emerging Mkts Div A (Mth) SGD (Hedged)1.5%
REITsFirst State Global Property Investments1.5%

Global HY bondsLegg MasonWestern Asset Global HighYield Fund Q dis SGD-H1.25%
Global IG CorpSchroder ISF Glb Corporate Bond Fd A Dis SGD Hedged0.75%

EM bondsUOB United Emerging Markets Bond Fd SGD1.25%
Foreign bondsTempleton Global Bond Fund A (mdis) SGD - H11.4%
US bondsJPM US Aggregate Bond A (Mth) SGD (Hedged)0.9%

TIPSFidelity Global Inflation Linked Bond Fd A SGD Hedged0.5%
CommoditiesDB Platinum Commodity USD R1C-C1.35%

Total TER1.24%

The reason why I think I can don't worry and be happy is because the portfolio is:
  • diversified across asset classes
  • equal weighted and not market cap weighted
  • dividends are reinvested
  • expense ratio is palatable
  • easy to track
  • simple to rebalance
So those are my reasons for my portfolio so far. I will definitely look towards understanding it a lot more, as well as setting rules and boundaries for myself, so that I don't run amock. Oh, and a benchmark too.

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