Sunday, October 6, 2013

Technical Trades

Update 10.30pm: AHHHHH, fell in love with the downside, got totally BURNED by the crazy ass US stocks again. From being up 14% today, I'm now only up 3.5%. Sigh, more than 50% to slow and steady head back to my initial capital.

These are my current technical trades:

GBP/USD: Short inter-day trading, pre-mature intermediate trade, exit on price close above 18EMA, get ready for reversal based on regular bullish divergence (hourly)

NZD/USD: Short inter-day trading, exit on first out, but regular bearish divergence supports a further fall down. May keep in play if price closes below 18SMA and still in profit.

Russell 2000: Short inter-day trading, exit on first out. Regular bearish divergence in the daily. However, will still exit on first signal. The markets are funky, and stocks unlike currencies, have a general uptrend bias. Will look for more signs of weakness in the coming days.

Less just do things simple, and we see how things go from here! Money management spreadsheet is up, technical rules are up, now just need my account balance to go up! I will be publishing my results if I can.

Links: Regular divergences and Hidden divergences

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