Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Forex Bet

So, here I am reluctantly posting out the update of my big forex trade that I mentioned in an earlier post.

Basically, I was short the GBP/USD. Things was okay, though I was in the red a lot more than I was in the green.

Who knew that when the debt ceiling debate an the American shutdown was over, that the US dollar would COLLAPSE?

One would think that after all the pessimistic sentiment of the dollar during the shutdown, lifting it would provide a nice relief rally, wouldn't it?

So, the dollar collapsed and I got totally blown out of the water. I have to admit that I am currently very demoralized about trading CFDs now.

I suppose I will indulge in the ASX and DAX strategy by CMC, but as of now, I don't foresee myself adding more capital into this account for a while. I'm much more focused on getting my actual long term investment portfolio up and running!

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