Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Weekend

This weekend, I finally got a break from the markets. No need to keep up with news about government shutdowns or other crazy things like that.

Work has been a lot easier since coming back from my overseas business trip at the start of the month. Hopefully, things eases up more soon and I can get faster approval to push through my work down all the clogged and slow pipelines.

Social life hasn't been too bad too. I still go out at least once a week to meet up with friends. And I'm back to my exercise routine, though the damn earbuds finally pooped out on me recently. I ought to go out to the store and get a new pair when I'm free. Perhaps this weekend.

I should get down to planning a nice short holiday soon, it's been a while since I traveled somewhere.

So, I guess on my normal life, things seem to be going pretty well. I'm finally getting used to managing my investments in a less emotional way and approach things more rationally.

Of course though, I still do my 2nd job, which is night time trading on levered CFDs. Don't worry about me folks, I've already written off the money in my account as gambling money, and I'm just using it as a platform to keep me entertained, while also getting involved in international news. At least by me indulging in this and also having a cap on my gambling limit prevents me from running around the city amock and keeps me out of trouble from doing other things, I say. The biggest thing that it helps me with is to not be itchy fingers with my longer term investments.

I realized that since I started in this game, I've been a real rookie, reading and believing too many things as if it was gospel. Now after paying my "tuition fees" to the system, I think I am a lot more mentally and emotionally prepared to face the market, just like all the other traders out there.

My proper investments are doing fine, but definitely not the scale it would be if I'm more confident of its performance and robustness. However, I'm sure that as time goes on by, I will be more and more comfortable and believe more in my own portfolio, so I can eventually scale in more of my capital and have it appreciate!

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