Friday, November 29, 2013

Testing the MA Practicality

All right, so I have actually downloaded and copied all the available data onto an excel sheet. It was actually pretty tough. The main issue is that the websites normally only keep daily data back to only 3-6 months, which is not long enough for me to construct the 200 SMA, which is actually the most important MA in this theory.

However, after spending a few hours figuring how hard it is, I've actually found an alternative, and ironically, these come in the form of Phillip's competitors, DollarDex and FundSuperMart. DollarDex doesn't have the JPM and DB funds. Dollardex is a bit tricky, because they don't chart based on NAV, they chart based on the returns from the start of the chart with a 100 base, so the charts might be different. FSM has everything except for JPM's US Agg bond fund. They also have the nicest and cleanest interface. I wonder if the previous week's price it is updated promptly on Friday close or by Sunday. The current information shown is the only site which is delayed. If they do update over the weekend on a prompt schedule, I'd find it very much useful then.

The funny thing is, I never realized that I could just go to Phillip and use the chart that they have on each of the unit trust's page. Truth be told, it loads the slowest, the graph is the ugliest, and I just don't have too much love for it.

Anyway, I just did a sloppy "heat map" of the current funds I have right now. Kind of in a transition when more will come and go. Just from a quick look, you can see that pretty much all the bond funds have been hammered.

I'm hoping FSM comes through for me, so I can use it for everything except US Agg bonds, which Phillip will do just fine for. I'll also try to start thinking how I can use these heat map signals to help me with my allocations, along with my macro viewpoints from Standard Chartered weekly posts.

By the start on next month (which is in a few days), I'll be getting the final piece of my portfolio asset classes (save for international real estate). So hopefully when I post up my November portfolio update, I can also release my weekly digest!

I'm actually thinking about relaunching my fund as of 1st Jan 2014, with proper allocations right from the start, as well as a clearer, more mechanical way of allocating funds to asset classes. I shall ponder this!

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