Friday, December 6, 2013

An Amazing Metrics Website!

Remember how I was just talking about drawdowns and being contrarian? I found a website that has a massive amount of tables, charts and analysis, including drawdowns as well!

Drawdown Directory

Trend Level: Long term OB / OS indicator
Elastic Level: Short term OB / OS indicator

12 month CAGR

Moving Averages Directory
Multiple MA crossover

S&P vs Gold: do you see what I see?

Perhaps the most interesting chart of all for me is the last one, which is the S&P vs Gold.

I think this comes in line pretty much what what my expectations for gold is, which is it is going to seriously start to pick up and outperform when the equity market hits the pits, which is then the perfect time to liquidate gold holdings, and run to the other side of the boat.

I am very much in love with the trend levels also, it gives you a really good picture of what might be the next loved / hated asset classes.

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