Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finally, a Credit Card!

My new credit card (okay technically I just applied for it, so I don't have it yet):

Obviously my name isn't Andrea Tan, but you can believe so if you wish.

The reasons for me getting this card is simple:
  • NETS FlashPay ATU 
  • 6% rebates from online purchases 
  • Visa PayWave option
  • 0.5% rebate from everything else
  • Pretty card design
  • 2 year fee waiver

So there you go, that was how I decided on which card to get. 

I never need to worry about topping up my EZ-Link ever again, which means I can also free up 1 card slot in my wallet. I can use NETS FlashPay to purchase nonsense items like McD's without worrying about not having enough to travel.

I also realized that most of my expenditure are either for dining or for online purchases, and 6% rebates is a pretty nice and big rebate back. If $500 is purely spent on online purchases, it is as good as $1000 with 3% rebate, which even SCB only gives 1% rebate. Of course, this is assuming that you spend on online purchases, which I actually prefer to do. Another perk is that the rebates are calculated and given monthly, with a cap of $60, meaning a $1000 online purchase would fill that up quite well, so definitely flights and hotels should be use this card up to $1000.

The Visa PayWave option doesn't pack a punch, but it's a good feature to have I suppose.

The 0.5% rebate is tiny perk to have I suppose. It doesn't count for much, but it is better to get something back than nothing at all, right?

Lastly, the 2 most frivolous things are that I got to pick out a pretty card design, and the card will have annual fees waived for 2 years, so I don't need to bother about that for a while.

Gotta say on hindsight, the 6% online rebate might workout better for me than the SCB Manhattan rebate, since their hurdle is just so high and I really don't spend that much money on a regular monthly basis!


  1. OCBC Frank has lost the plot on this card! They have changed the min spend to S$500 per month for OFFLINE purchases, where the card has to be physically presented...! What is the point of this card now?!

    Kiss your 6% online rebate goodbye. Or better, kiss this card goodbye until OCBC wakes up their idea... KL

    1. Hi KL,

      This post is 3 years ago. I have posted that I have stopped using OCBC Frank.

      7% online rebates with SCB Singpost in case that is something you were looking for.



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