Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DBS, OCBC, SCB Bank and Branch Code

Howdy everybody!

Are you trying to make a bank transfer now to someone else's bank account? Or your own account in another bank? Do you not know what is the Bank Code and the Branch Code? Did all they give you was just a string of numbers?

Well, then I've got a quick and dirty tutorial for you just for these 3 banks! Why these 3 banks? Simple, these are the 3 banks that I bank with, haha!


where BBB is the 3 digit branch code and X's are the rest of the digits of the account

Bank Code
DBS - 7171
OCBC - 7399
SCB - 7144

Branch Code
DBS - first 3 digits
OCBC - first 3 digits
SCB - "0" + first 2 digits

Account Number
DBS - full 10 digits
OCBC - minus first 3 digits
SCB - full 10 digits

I hope this helps at least some people, because I was trying to add my bank accounts as payees for each other so that I can move my money around from each account easier, and I realized that I found this part of the process very confusing.

Don't believe me? See these references! link 1 and link 2 and link 3.

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