Wednesday, April 2, 2014

[XMM STI ETF Investing] Portfolio Buy!

After transferring money to my POEMS account, I can now finally purchase investments. So here's a summary so far:

UOB: $8,000 (-0.75% or $60 POEMS sales charge)
STBF: $1,000 (no sales charge)
e-saver: $1,000 (no sales charge)

I will be coming up with a prettier table and presentation form soon, but for now, just bear with me! I will also definitely be journalling my transactions because I do not plan to make frequent adjustments.

With the current portfolio structure, expected 1 year returns should be 3.3% without fees, or 2.5% until year end since 1 quarter is already over. Including the one-time sales charge, we should be expecting almost close to 2% year end portfolio value. From next year we can then expect that slightly higher rate of 3+% if we don't do anything.

That means, as of the current profile today, we should be expecting $10,200 by 31st Dec 2014! Of course, that is assuming we stay the course and there presents no good opportunities to buy into the STI ETF.

I will be publishing and talking about some of the STI research that I have been currently working on in due time.

The STI looks ready to head to it's short term cyclical low, the closing values of the STI until the end of the week ought to confirm my suspicions!


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