Friday, April 4, 2014

[XMM STI ETF Investing] Unit Trust Prices Confirmed!

So today when I logged into my POEMS account, I can finally see the amount of units and the price I entered in for the 2 different unit trusts that I bought into for my sister, the Nikko AM STBF and the UOB SGD Fund Clas A.

STBF: 727.97 units @ $1.3737 = ~$1,000
UOB: 4731.82 units @ $1.6780 = ~$7,940

Transaction costs: 0.75% of the $8,000 invested in UOB costing $60.

The main reason why I'm listing out the exact units is so that I don't get confused with my own personal investments. Secondly the price entered can be used for future reference so that I can calculate returns.

All in all, I am quite excited now that all the wheels are set in motion. Now, there's absolutely nothing to do, but to wait for the STI to become "cheap", and then begin building up an STI long position through the STI ETF!

STI Action: Personally, looks overbought on the daily timeframe to me. As mentioned before, expecting a topping pattern and a break lower on the start of next week. Expected low for the daily cycle should come in by the end of the month. Prediction of 3060 for that cycle low. Just a prediction that's all, don't think too much about it, haha.

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