Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cashing Out From MySurvey (Part II)

So here is the update from my previous post, Cashing Out From MySurvey.

On 15th May I requested to convert some of my points in MySurvey into money, and have the money sent to my PayPal account.

I have been diligently checking my PayPal account everyday for the money, but I saw no sign of it throughout the week.

This morning though, I awoke to an email saying that I have been paid and the money is in my PayPal account. Excited, I went to check!

So yup, as you can see the money came in through, which I suppose is the payment arm of MySurvey.

I am pretty happy with how easy it is to convert the survey points into money and have it sent over to my account from MySurvey! I also really think that the surveys on MySurvey are a lot more easier, fun and short, while still being reasonably rewarding.

Because of that, I have proceeded to cashout all my remaining points in MySurvey. The treshhold is so low at only $5 to withdraw, with no benefits of scale by redeeming rewards of higher value, so it makes no sense accumulating points to withdraw at $15, or to withdraw once you can at $5!

So, I have almost no points left in my account, but I'm sure I will be able to cash out again soon. If you get a survey a week, you can probably cash out $5 a month! Peanuts to some people really, but the work involved is peanuts too!

I would recommend anyone that would want to make slow, boring, easy money online at home doing paid surveys in Singapore to consider using this website. I think it's the best one of the few that I've tried, so just my personal opinion! All you need is a PayPal account to eventually withdraw your money, it's pretty simple!

Now I will be going to Toluna and post the withdrawal process as well, I think people might be interested as well!

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