Friday, May 16, 2014

CDW [Portfolio Buy] May 2014

Another limit buy of mine triggered today, and it was for CDW. I've mentioned it before in a previous post.

With P/E at 4.4 and a discount of 28% to it's NAV, I think it's hard to complain about this company even if it is doing badly.

I'll be expecting dividends of between 4-6%, but it will most likely be in USD! That's going to be like a USD 3 cheque that I have to figure out how I will be clearing it and depositing it!

I've heard you can immediately deposit USD cheques to Citibank accounts and even Citibank credit cards and the amount will be credited to your account with a spread taken out, of course.

DBS is said to have big clearing fees, however it only seems to be for cheques from foreign banks. Apparently if the cheque is a USD cheque issues by a Singapore company with a Singapore bank, just minimal conversion spreads will be charged.

I need to figure out that when SCB issues me a cheque in USD for my dividends, how will it be paid out to me and how can I deposit the money so that it isn't neglible!

Buy CDW @ $0.131

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