Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Making Money Online in Singapore (and not by trading or being financially savvy)

Much of the content in my blog is directed towards the heavier and complex content of finance and investing, and me ranting and over-analyzing situations.

In light of that, I have decided that I should also try to vary my content and include what I love to do - sharing information with other people and teaching them what I know. I would have love to been a teacher, probably in economics, or perhaps a tutor teaching finance in the university, but my path in life has taken me another direction. For now, this blog is my special place to share my love of education and finance together.

Anyway, enough chit-chat, let's go!


Have you seen ads like that before while surfing around the web? Usually at the corner of your screen, an annoying pop-up, or even a clip with audio starting with "hey, let me tell you a secret....".

Personally, I believe that anything in life worth having, does not come around free and easy. I'm not saying that you can't make money online, I'm just saying that it's not going to be as easy as you think. So, let me walk you through the options that I discovered while wondering how I can boost my earning power and make some extra alternative income at home and through my computer!

Real Work

Really? There's real work on the internet?

Yes, there is! See if you have any of the skills and talents to do the following:

Programmers, App developers, Website builders, Writers, Logo designers, Digital Artists, Photoshopping, Video Editing, Translators, Personal Assistants, Data Entry and many many more!

Well, if you do, you really can actually work from home and earn money online! Websites like ODesk and Elance are real online job portals with jobs specifically for people who want to work over the internet. If you don't think you can do any of those jobs, pop over to those websites and browse what other people are trying to sell themselves for! You can also look at job requests and see if you have the skills to take on any jobs or give you an idea of what skills you have to sell.



In all honesty, I think this is the most legit and serious way for people looking to make a decent extra income on the sidelines. Since you are able to work from home, you can look for the perfect job that meets your needs and personal skill set to offer. Why not come back after work and unwind, then pop online to take up your "second" job that you can pick for yourself and earn a little extra! Since it is job-based, you don't really need to worry about long term commitments of this work relationship.

I know of people who freelance from these websites full-time and are earning a living and providing for themselves! Since almost everyone has internet access and a computer these days already, there is virtually no start-up costs. Consider honing your skills in something in particular and looking for a e-job if you're serious about making decent money for your work.

*Hot Tip* Transcribing jobs seem to be something that most people would be able to do. Just listen to speech and turn them into text. An interesting option for people with less marketable skills, but I think it is especially good for students who are adept at typing, to earn some extra pocket money.

Paid Surveys

Seriously? Are these things even for real? My quick and simple answer is YES.*

Why the asterix then? Well, mainly because it really depends on which of these paid survey sites you sign up for. When I was googling how to make money online, this is always the first suggestion that came out, so I thought, heck, I'll give it a shot.

The problem with paid surveys websites are that YOU are the most important asset to this equation. You have to be the right person that companies seeking your opinion are looking for. That means you have to be in the right location as well! Look for survey websites that are localized, because then you have very high chances of being asked to participate in the survey, as well as being paid in the local currency. The best way to find out if they are localized is by looking at their rewards. Most of the survey companies will team up with local merchants and try to offer the local merchant's vouchers instead of cold hard cash. It really is up to your preference!

I have tried a several paid survey websites, and of all of them, I only still faithfully participate in 2 of them. They are MySurvey.sg and Toluna. They both have local tie-ups and they both can directly credit money straight into your PayPal account!

They both do have referral programs, but I none of my links are referral links. Paid surveys can be quite a rewarding activity to do, especially on bored nights or days with bad weather. I feel that MySurvey is slightly more generous with their points and really do want to reward you for your participation. Toluna on the plus side has an option of cashing out your rewards into a nice fat $50 cheque! Personally, I like them both, so why not sign up for both instead of having to choose?

If anyone knows other similar paid survey websites which are good, please do let me know so that I can review them and perhaps include them for others to know about!


Don't take my advice on this one, I haven't made a single cent from blogging yet! However, I have been told that blogging can be quite rewarding, especially if you're blogging about things that you are passionate about. You're getting paid to do something that you would have done free anyway, isn't that the best deal of all?

Money from blogging can come in various forms. Of course, there is Google's AdSense that puts up ads on your blog. There are also independents that might ask you to write an article on a subject in your particular style to subtly promote something.

The last method, which is the most interesting one to me, is the use of affiliates programs. Companies are looking for affiliates that can drive users to their websites and use their services or purchase their products, it is very similar to referral programs. Once a user has gone through an affiliate and made a purchase, the company and the affiliate will engage in profit sharing, which the company facilitates.

The reason why I find this very compelling is because you can get to choose which companies you would want to work with and what products you would like to be associated with. This can actually help your blog by promoting to readers personal brands that you also support and believe in!

Off the top of my head, I can think of Qoo10, Agoda, Amazon and BullionStar.


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