Monday, May 12, 2014

My First Physical Gold Purchase In Singapore!

I just made a purchase on BullionStar today!

Given the most recent smackdown of gold, when manipulators sold off USD $230,000,000 worth of gold futures last night, I thought now might be a good time and opportunity to pick up some gold and try out BullionStar!

My purchase today was just 1g of Vault Gram Gold. While some may think that Vault Gram is not really physical gold, I must admit that it does seem like paper gold, but I still beg to differ and I have talked about it in my previous article.

It's a pretty simple and easy process. After I confirm my checkout basket, I get an order number. My order number is 9075 as you can see. Their bank accounts are listed clearly with instructions on each page, so it should be quite clear what to do.

I logged into my i-banking facility, added BullionStar as a payee and made the transfer!

Here you can see what was on my i-banking screen. Just BullionStar's bank account details, plus the additional text description of my order number so that they can match my payment with my order!

Immediately though, you will see that they have updated your account and allocated you the physical gold!

I have to say, I am pretty impressed by how quick and easy it was to buy gold on BullionStar! Now all I have to do to complete this review is to see how long they will take to clear my order. I am sure it will be quick though!

Just for anyone interested, I made a post about the options available for investing in Gold and Silver in Singapore quite recently. I feel that BullionStar is definitely one of the top choices, hence my own personal investment goes through them!

Bought 1g of Vault Gold @ $52.57

Disclosure: I am a BullionStar affiliate, so I get a small commission from people that purchase items from them through my links here.

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