Friday, May 9, 2014

Primer to the new CPF Minimum Sum

I read the news yesterday about the increase in the CPF Minimum Sum again. I saw the news headline through an app on my phone, but I was out having a social life last night to read deeper into the announcement.

Apparently there has been quite a lot of social media backlash regarding this, especially during lunch time when the blue collar workers are taking a break and surfing the internet, reading and sharing these pages.

I've yet to read all of them yet, but of course I skimmed through the post by InvestmentMoats. Very interesting insight as usually.

However, this post is just a primer so that I remember to write a more detailed post about this later. Of course, it has to do with the increasing Minimum Sum, but also inflation in Singapore and my personal take on it.

Honestly, unless you are not a Singaporean, this issue going forward is going to be a big one and affect the lives of us all, so I would advise people to look and question what is going on!

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