Friday, May 23, 2014

Sniper Shorts

Pun intended.

I've been taking quite a few shorts recently, and all of them are the different US equity indices.

I took the IWM short because it just looked the most rewarding in terms of risk and reward. As you can see, the IWM was just less than 1 point away from closing out one of my positions!

I have been making money with all these shorts lately, but I've also lost money too. It's a dangerous gamble I'm taking here, that's why I'm getting my shorts close and tight. If I get stopped out, I'll see if I want to short again at a even higher level or just wait it out.

I still have a nagging suspicion about the whole US recovery, especially with their record high margin debt and their P/E ratios so high. But hey, I just act on what I see, the market doesn't care what I think.

The main thing is staying solvent while the market chops around, ready to cut loose "risk on" positions and have juicy investments are targets just waiting to be bottom picked!

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