Wednesday, May 7, 2014

[XMM STI ETF Investing] Brief Update (still underwater)

Hi all, it has been a while since I did an update on the progress of my sister's account. See my only portfolio buy so far, in early April. It was a purchase in the non-equity portion of this portfolio strategy because I don't think the STI valuations has shown a good entry point since I started helping my sister manage her money in April.

As of now, everything is status quo.

Portfolio recap

Cost and Location:
$8,000 is UOB fund
$2,001.54 in OCBC 360

Current portfolio value:
UOB Fund = $7,973.12 (sales charge was $60 or 0.75%, regained about half, only down 0.33%)
OCBC = $2,001.54
Total = $9,973.66 (down 0.25% on the whole because of the sales charge of the UOB fund)

The STI itself looks horrible actually (from a potential investor's point of view). The markets looks ripe and ready to correct very soon. I wouldn't be surprised for a waterfall drop over the next 2 months. A buy signal from the STI looks to be at least that far away.

No rush to get into the market yet, doesn't seem like a good time! Cash and bonds are also positions and you shouldn't trick yourself that equities will always outperform, because that is only true in the long term, not the short term! Slow and steady people!

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