Monday, June 30, 2014

[XMM STI ETF Investing] June 2014 Update

As mentioned previously, this will be my attempt at having a monthly update of the small portfolio that I am running for my sister and mother.

My sister started in April, and since that I have helped her get a decent net 0.4% gain on her portfolio in a short 3 months. Total gain is about 1.2% so far, but the one-time 0.75% sales charge was a drag on the gains.

My mother has since requested that I help her manage her money as well, so I am doing just that. Along with some initial money, she has requested that the $400 allowance that I give her monthly be invested as well. Allowance in June will be transferred in at the end of June and added into my mom's portfolio, just in time to be used for investing in the next month.

Here are the current stats of the portfolio as of end June 2014.

30 June 2014        Sister             Mom               Total      
Amount Contributed

30 June 2014   Stocks  Bonds Cash Total
Amount Contributed

I'm pretty excited about managing this new portfolio!

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