Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[Book Review] The Nature of Risk by David X Martin

Truth be told, this is a razor thin book at just 67 pages. However, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Mr. Martin wrote this book specifically to help people understand the different kinds of risks present in our world, and how different people deal with them. Of course, in his book he tells us a story about how different animals deal with the different risks present in nature. It is supposed to be a reflection of us.

Even though he specifically mentions and links back to different risks with financial examples, the concept of identifying risks and how to deal with them are universal to all disciplines. It could be project management, studies, relationships, whatever! Everything we deal with in life come with their own sets of risks and it is up to us to identify what the risks are and how we deal with them.

This book is the simplest way of explaining the different kinds of risks investors will face in their lifetime. Although it is a small and simple book, this is definitely going to be a book that I will lend to friends or use to explain to people the simple concepts of the different kinds of risk out there.

I would recommend this to anyone that can is able to read through the lines and appreciate the deeper meanings of such a simple story.

Key takeaway: There are always risks to everything. The only thing that we can do is to choose which risks we are willing to take and take measures to manage those risks if they ever get out of control.

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