Monday, September 29, 2014

Back... For a Bit

Hey all, I'm back from my work trip!

Since I've gone away, I've really come to terms with my risk tolerance. Without much available access to the internet, I was not constantly worrying about how my swing trades were doing, let alone my long term investing positions!

I've been busy unpacking and slowly trying to catch up with a ton of news. Honestly, too much has happened over the past 4 days that I am not even going to bother about it and I will just instead try to pick up what is going on as I the days go by.

I was kinda sad that there was no interaction with my previous post about diversifying your insurance. Anyway, if I have time, I will call up DirectAsia and maybe the agent that called me regarding my Manulife inquiries.

I've also come across some interesting reads while catching up, so I'd thought I'd share some.

That is a graph from A Wealth of Common Sense. The subtle overtone? US markets looks dangerous. Tiho from A Short Side Of Long has charts like this as well, but hearing it comes from A Wealth of Common Sense means that even the more mainstream is starting to perk up their ears.

John Hampson from Solar Cycles yet again comes up with a beautiful list of reasons why Friday's "magical" recovery might not be so magical after all. Seems legit.

I also watched a visualization of a Santiago Capital webcast that I have talked about back in July. It's a good refresher why Keynesian economics makes no sense and why it would be prudent to at least have some precious metals allocation.

Finally, Josh Brown rightly points out how ridiculous the excesses in profit-less companies have been running extreme. South Park is a real gem, and their potshot at the Washington Redskins just makes this episode extra special to me. Be wary of IPOs. If it's a company that has to be sold to you, then hmmmm...

Anyway, heading for my health check up tomorrow! When's the last time you did yours? I think it is a good idea for me to take a quick stock of my physical health now, before I embark on a temporary mission to destroy myself through indulging in plenty of vices during my upcoming holiday!

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