Monday, September 22, 2014

Do All The Little Things Add Up?

See my obiang coin boxes?

My M&M container is full of coins, so I have been putting them into my frog coin box. My mother bought me this coin box from Daiso for my birthday a few years ago, and I have been faithfully using it to help me keep my loose change. The plastic container is full of super old coins that my mother passed to me since she knew I was going to change my coins.

In the past, I would save up my coins and donate all of them to charity every year during Flag day, when I was part of the hundreds of annoying people asking for donations on the street. Since I saved up a lot of my own coins, I would put the coins in my own tin and also give some coins to some of my friends for encouragement. Having a few coins to jingle around in your tin definitely helps people with the confidence to ask for donations.

However, these days since I no longer volunteer for Flag days, I don't save up my coins specifically to unload them on donation day. Instead, whenever I go out and I see students asking for donations, I will always empty my loose change that I have, or remember to walk back the same way after I have some change.

But most days there aren't donations being asked. After I come back from lunch hour, I always will have some loose change. When I sit down, the coins roll out of my pocket and I find it very annoying. So at work, I have another coin box which my sister bought for me on a previous birthday, and that is slowly accumulating loose change too.

Anyway, 2 weeks ago I went down to the Singapore Mint at Somerset to deposit my loose coins. If you have never done this before, it is really fun, trust me.

Guess how much I got back in the end?


I think that's not bad! This is about a year's worth of coins, I did this same routine about the same time last year too, but I think I had about $80 worth of coins then.

Anyway, this is a prime example of how I think the little things can add up over time. Be it squirreling away savings every month, to having discipline to invest according to a plan, and even down to the small things like dropping a few coins in your coin box every day. I honestly don't believe in people suddenly becoming rich, that is just for the lucky or extremely talented, which I know I am neither. Instead, I believe in getting rich, slowly. Not quite glamorous to hear, right? Oh well!


  1. Hi GMGH

    $145 is a lot of money for small coins there. I usually managed to tally up to around $100 and I would give my mother to do her ntuc turnover with the small coins. These things do add up rather unnoticeably before you even realized it.

    1. Hi B,

      Hopefully one day in the future from now, we will look at our own portfolios and be pleasantly surprised about what we see, heh!

  2. Got Money, Got Honey,

    1. I always make sure I have some coins when I travel for work on Saturdays - it's flag day ;)

    2. Huh? Can change coins at the Singapore Mint in Somerset? I go there once a year to buy my silver Chinese Zodiac coins.

    I've got a lot of coins lying in the house. Not because I saved them, but after each trip to the hawker center or supermarket, I somehow ended up with lots of coins...

    Don't say your coin box obiang. Mine is the mee pok dry round plastic container! LOL!

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Yup, next time when you go, look out for a machine that looks like an ATM. But this one is put money in, not take money out, haha!

      Mee pok dry plastic container also good, you don't want your container to be more expensive than the coins inside, haha! My workplace coin box is not transparent, later ppl steal my precious, lol!

  3. ooooh! i do the same with my coins after lunch too! but hehe, i tend to use them all up to buy afternoon kopi ^.^;

    maybe i should start saving them! didn't know about the coin deposit service until i read your blog! thanks!

    1. Hi BB,

      The Singapore Mint coin deposit service is free for the 1st 1000 coins, but actually a few banks have certain branches that have a coin deposit machine too, but they start charging a fee after the first few hundred or per piece (POSB is $0.0012 per piece, UOB is first 199 free), so you might want to check if there is a nearer location near you if you don't mind the possible extra charges!

      Kopi is also important too! But save the extra, why not? Heh, no problem!


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