Wednesday, September 10, 2014

iWatch? iDontCare

So a ton of news is out because of the Apple announcement today. Don't mind the news source, I'm too lazy to wait for the proper releases by the tech sites or the financial sites.

Okay, I have to admit, I don't wear a watch. Why? I have a phone.

I only know a few people that really like watches. The only kind of watches that they like are the really expensive ones and all they talk about are how expensive their watch is. I just don't share their obsession of watches.

I do have 2 watches though. I have a GPS watch that helps me track my runs when I go out for my runs. It cost me $200 and I spent 1 month thinking about buying. I also have a cheap Casio that I use for when I do other sports or go travelling.

Someone once told me that they spent $12,000 on a watch. He had just been working for a year and finally got his bonus, and he bought a $12,000 watch. I almost shat myself on the spot. I had to pretend that it sounded like a super cool idea. I was thinking of what kind of diversified portfolio I could form with $12,000.

I don't think I understand the concept of time very well. Or the concept of watches. In today's modern age where everyone carries a phone, are you too lazy to look at your phone for the time?

I feel it is a very unnecessary application in today's day and age, for the normal person like you and me to have a watch. If you were a professional time-keeper or something, then I'd understand. It's not like there aren't clocks everywhere. Even if you don't have a phone, you can always ask someone for the time. Even if you don't know the time, does it matter? I'm hard pressed to think of a dire situation where the exact time is needed immediately.

As a fashion statement to keep up with the times is a different thing. I know I probably lack style and taste, so I can't appreciate that aspect either.

I don't know, I think that the tech world is running into walls coming up with good ideas. I don't think I would get an iWatch. Or even any of the other wearables. I have thought about them before, but I realized that I think they are kind of silly. Even these days I am not sure if I want to get a new Samsung phone. I hear that the Xiaomi is really good and cheap. I will think about this again once I need to re-contract my line.

Soon enough, you will see someone on the MRT playing a game on his iPad, listening to music from his iPhone while he checks the time on his iWatch.

Let's see how APPL stock goes. I wouldn't be surprised if this lacklusture event topticks the market. Hearing the talking heads on CNBC act so shocked by the "revolutions" that Apple announced just makes me more dubious of the whole US stock market again.

$99.27 #timestamp


  1. I don't have a watch for many years. LOL!

    1. so Uncle CW8888, I guess that means you also not buying the iWatch? haha!


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