Friday, September 19, 2014

Silver KA-BOOM! Down 3.5%!

Word on the street is that liquidation of PMs are happening to fund $BABA purchases! Hilarious? I think so too, haha!

Silver is now at 4 YEAR LOWS!

Buy low, sell high!

Silver breached the 18.20 level which I thought would hold as support, since it was last year's low. Will there be opportunities to buy lower? Perhaps. $15 USD looks to be a good price target based on technicals. However, buying most asset classes on dips seems like a pretty sound strategy to me, especially with regards to accumulation.

I have happily increased my position in Silver! Silver has been a lot more volatile than Gold lately, especially to the downside these days. Although I think although both are good investments, Silver might be the better investment for now. Check out the Gold/Silver ratio, it just spiked because of this drop, and near 5 year highs!

I have quite strong holding power with regards to these purchases, so I will be fine if I am stuck holding onto my holdings for many many months and years!

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