Monday, November 24, 2014

How much does it cost to REALLY get married in Singapore? $26.

Some people might think I'm joking, but yes, I shit you not.

The steps are pretty simple. File a notice, verify your documents, grab 2 mates and head down to the ROM to get solemnized. I'm serious.

Pulled from the ROM website itself.

Now, some people will hey, what about the solemnization? Well, TECHNICALLY if you're a cheap douchey kind of person, it is free.

So there you have it, you can choose to give the solemnizer a token of appreciation for their time and effort in helping you solemnize your wedding.
The real actual cost of getting married in Singapore? $26.

The real cost of living up to the expectations of your families, friends and culture when it comes to marriage and all its associated NECESSITIES (/sarc)? $44,000 - $90,000. (source: DS and SGYI) But, that's a whole different thing.

Lesson of the day: Living up to expectations are shit expensive. Getting married is not.

This my public service announcement for today. That is all. Dismissed.


  1. Don't get married and save that $26 too. LOL!

    1. $26 membership fee to get access to HDB and HDB grant, I think worth it leh! haha!

  2. Hi GMGH

    Sounds like the marriage is for the subsidy from grants from govt. LOL

    Uncle CW is trying to be angmoh mentality, no married still ok lah :) as long got love can already

    1. Hey B,

      Haha, isn't it? Personally I think marriage is a frame of mind, not an official piece of paper. I agree, got love can already! So to me, this paper process is really to just to qualify for goodies that come along with it! Assuming children are not in the picture though, because that is a different scenario already.

  3. It might also be the door which cause you half your assets when things changes.

    1. Hi Anon,

      That is the probably the actual "leap of faith" when it comes to marriage. lol.

      At least if you only spend $26 instead of $40,000, divorce and split in half still save $20k, ahahahahaha


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