Sunday, November 30, 2014

Swiss Gold Vote Fails

Based on unofficial results the Swiss Gold referendum today has failed. The official results will be out soon, but it should not change.

I'm hoping for a nice sell-off in both gold and silver where I will be accumulating physical stock to faithfully keep for myself. Gold in SGD below $1500 and Silver below $20 would look very tantalizing to me.

I am already prepared to stock up on some physical holdings, out of the financial system, out of any third party vaults and safely stored (figuratively) under my pillow.

I have ordered a few coin cases and coin boxes, perfect for me to immediately store my bullion right after I have purchase them. They should be arriving soon, within 2 weeks time! I can't wait to full up my cases and boxes with shiny pretty bullion. You know what's probably the funniest thing? I could probably display this out in plain sight and no one would even know its true value, haha.

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