Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Retrospect

Wow, 2014 has been a pretty interesting year for me.

It's my first year working full-time as an adult. I can't say that I love my job, but I think that I do my work rather well and I am being fairly compensated for my time and skills. Unlike most people, I do not believe in job satisfaction as a necessity - to me it is a bonus. I exchange my time and skills for money, and I am happy with that arrangement. As long as I have my own personal life after working hours to enjoy however I please, that is enough for me.

Many of my friends are having quarter life crises now, freaking out that their degree obtained is useless or they have some new passion they want to pursue. I am not saying that passion and satisfaction are silly things to look for in a job or career. I am just saying that those are 2 things that I personally do not require in my job to be happy and comfortable to continue doing what I am doing. To each their own. I am pretty happy that I have reached a state of zen regarding my career.

Financially, I think I have been doing a horrid job sticking to whole number goals of saving X% or $X every month. When it comes to saving money, increasing the money coming in is not really a change within most of our control. However, we can control the amount of money flowing out. I just live a simple life and make prudent decisions when it comes to money. I don't have the time and patience to track my erratic expenses, and I have enough self-control that I don't need to be shocked by a big expenditure number to cut down on my lifestyle. I already live modestly, all day, every day. As such, I actually save a lot of my salary, which is probably the best thing I can do now early in my life when I don't have liabilities and obligations to hold me back from accumulating a larger base to work with.

As a young working adult, I think a conscious effort is needed to prevent yourself from getting in the "Sorry, I'm too busy" trap that I see many people falling into. I explicitly make extra efforts to meet up with friends, but even then sometimes it is just really hard to catch people at the right time. I find myself making social calls twice a week, which is actually quite tiring after a long day of work. Other than social relationships which are very rewarding in their own way, I spend the rest of my time pursuing my hobbies, mostly things that I can happily do alone. In fact, I have so many hobbies, I am never bored and I am always constantly engaged in one of them. Finally, I indulge in travelling. Don't get me wrong, I don't indulge during travelling, I indulge in it. I fly budget, I take the public transportation and I sleep in hostels / cheap hotels. Travelling to me isn't about luxury and style, it is about the experience and adventure. Travelling is a constant reminder to me that the world is so much bigger than the comfortable little bubble that I am used to living in every other day of my life. It broadens my horizons, gives me new perspectives and reminds me to be grateful for all the things I have.

In the blogosphere, I am actually pretty surprised that I have traffic at all. I know I can be very caustic (most of the time) and that I have some strong opinions. However, I am really glad that I am a small part of this cosy community. I am especially grateful for those that drop by and leave comments. You care enough to share your opinions or enlighten me to other perspectives and that means a lot to me. Sorry I lurk around so much, but I think I devour almost every article written in our local blog community. I rarely comment though, because most blogs don't have an option for Name/URL comments and I have no idea how to change my Google profile, haha. I still want to keep my blog personal, so most of my content will be about what I am doing, looking at and thinking about. I don't think I can ever be mainstream and appeal to mass readers like some other can do, but I am very fine with that.

All in all, I think 2014 has been a pretty enlightening year for me. I must say, I am very happy with my life now. I think happiness should be the end goal that people should strive for, not accumulating a lot of dollars in their banks. If the point isn't to be happy, then what is the point? I don't know about you, but I am pretty excited for 2015! Have a great NY eve everybody, and a great year ahead as well!

Lately I've been posting a lot of damn chio photos. They are from, which have tons of photos under the Creative Commons Zero, which means free for anything! Trying to incorporate some chio photos into my posts every once in a while to break the wall of words that I sometimes assault people with.


  1. Happy new year from Japan! Keep typing away - your work is much appreciated.

    1. Hello Shimamoto,

      I'm happy to have a reader from Japan! I hope to visit Japan next year :) Happy new year to you!

  2. Hi GMGH,

    Although I probably can't speak for all or most readers, I am not surprised that you have traffic.

    You write well and pretty often, share interesting insights and offers different perspectives to many others. I have enjoyed your blog.

    And happy new year!

    1. Thanks Mr 15HWW, means a lot coming from you! Happy new year to you!


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