Tuesday, December 30, 2014

BullionStar Coin Purchases!

Yesterday after work, I was so excited because I was going to head down to BullionStar to pick up some coins that I ordered! This is what I saw:

Doh! I came at 7.30pm because I thought they closed at 8pm! In fact, they close at 7pm. Sadded, I made my way home.

Today however, I made sure that I reached at 6.30pm instead!

The showroom was nice and bright and there were so many pretty shiny things on display, nice!

I came in and I was greeted by a staff asking how he could help. I said I was here to pick up an order. He verified my order number, my identification, my items and my payment status in less than a minute. After that he excused himself to go and get my order for me. I walked around the showroom once and snapped just 1 photo, and he was already out!

We went through my order again together and physically checked all the goods. After that I signed a form acknowledging my receipt of the goods, and he packed everything up and sent me off with a bag with my purchases!

Whole process start to end? Less than 5 minutes. Fast and easy, I like!

So I came back home and gleefully played with my coins like a kid with new toys! I put them in direct-fit Airtite casings, and they look gorgeous!

Anyway, this is actually my first time handling bullion coins! I was surprised how big they were, and how SHINY they were!

I am honestly resisting the temptation to buy more coins now, they are really damn pretty, haha!

I have written about BullionStar before, so I'd recommend anyone interested in precious metals to check them out . My vaulted holdings with them is actually getting a bit ridiculous these days considering I am not a "prepper" and I don't think we're going to have an apocalypse, haha! How much of my holdings? Let's say even if you doubled my SGX portfolio, we're not there yet, hah!

Anyway, this is my treat to myself for surviving 2014, my first year as a full-time working adult. I hope you guys had a great 2014 too!

Full disclosure: If you enter BullionStar through my site, and you buy anything, I get a small commission.

This is my main source of blog revenue. I prefer this to asking for "donations" because I rather you get something that you want as well, instead of a tip.

Whether you buy at BullionStar directly or enter from my site, the price you pay does not change.

My personal precious metals investments are stored with BullionStar and I pay the same fees as any other regular customer.

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