Sunday, December 7, 2014

Do-It-Yourself In a Property Transaction (Part 2)

After my post last month, I am now picking up where I left off. I am now collating all the property resources that I can find related to buying / selling property, especially with regards to DIY transactions.

CEA has a nice page of relevant links which cross-links back to most of these.

URA and CPF has all the official stuff. (as well as a lot of calculators)
Propertyguru elaborated very well on the OTP.
MoneySense has a good detailed overview, while PropertyHub has a simple overview.

Shoutout to pf for his good link, a great step-by-step from a blogger, Azhar.

From the CEA link, they actually linked to a Crimewatch video. The learning point related to property is that new owners should enquire about loanshark activities of the property and the neighbourhood. I thought that was a pretty good point, which from my browsing, none of the other websites listed down this point.

I am thinking of a worksheet to do all your financial calculations, like maximum loan value, monthly interest repayment, monthly cash top-up payment (if repayment amount exceeds CPF contribution).

A few checklists would be good too, such as an overall checklist for property selection, checklist for physical home inspection and questions to sellers, as well as a checklist for the paperwork.

All this can tie-in with my huge step-by-step of what to do and when to do it!

I'm such a nerd, right? Actually, if anyone else is in the market to DIY their next property, let me know if you think such resources would be useful. If it is, then I'd probably make a nice version that can be shared, and even downloaded and printed. Haha, I have such big ambitions eh? But yeah, probably no one interested..

Gosh, these are the things I think about on weekends eh? I've finished reading two great books and I have yet to do my customary review on them. Bah, so many things that I want to do, so little time!


  1. I'm gonna diy my hdb resale flat. Definitely useful. Thanks! :)

    1. hi pf, all right buddy, i'll definitely make sure to share what i have come up with so far, once i've done it!


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