Monday, December 22, 2014

URGENT: Last Day for DBS promotions!

DBS is strangely generous this holiday season. They have 2 promotions now. The fixed deposit promotion ends TODAY, while the Paylah! promotion ends on the 24th.

On top of these 2 promotions, they are also having a $888 lucky draw for customers who register to use SMS banking. I am thinking of registering just for the chance to win, haha.

Although I really like DBS for their convenient ATM network, I actually think that they are a pretty mediocre bank. Then again, I think they probably have a very strong and healthy market share and don't need to fight for deposits. Probably even have too much deposits on hand, haha.

Anyway, 1.5% interest on fixed deposit doesn't seem like a lot to shout about, especially with my OCBC 360 earning interest of 3.05%. However, compared to other options available with a minimum capital of only $1,000, this promotion seems rather good! For people with cash balances over $50,000, I think this fixed deposit promotion is a good way to lock in a nice risk-free rate. This post by Scg8866t got me thinking about fixed deposits like that.

However, their Paylah! app is really very convenient. Since I have started using it and promoting it to my friends, I must say that my friends pay me a lot quicker. Is that a testament to how easy it is to use this app? I don't transfer money to my friends through this app, I only collect money from them! My friends easily help me reach my target monthly spending on my credit like this, haha!

Anyway, if you have spare cash over $50,000 looking for a fixed deposit, consider this POSB promo. If you are comfortable with mobile banking, get Paylah! and get free $5!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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