Tuesday, December 30, 2014

USA, it's time to go Solo

US stocks have decided to go solo as they decouple from everything and anything that might give help support it's prices and give credit to it's already ridiculous and far-fetched rally.

Other Economies
Total World Stock Market (VT)? No.
World ex-US Stock Market (VEU)? No.
Developed Markets ex-US/Canada (EFA)? No.
Emerging Markets (EEM)? No.
Global HY bonds (GHYG)? No.
Total Bond Market (BNDX)? No. (Should be inversed)

Credit Market
US Junk bonds (JNK)? No.
US HY bonds (HYG)? No.
US Long bonds (TLT)? No. (Should be inversed)

Volatility (VIX)? No. (Should be inversed)
Crude Oil? No.

Crude WTI just traded below $53 and the market still can't decide if low oil is good or bad for the economy.

I wonder what relationship crude oil and the S&P500 has.... oh, look what I found.


Anyway, this is now just getting quite ridiculous and unbelievable.

Just unbelievable.

S&P500 - 2090
DJIA - 18045
R2K - 1219
NDAQ - 4315

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