Thursday, January 1, 2015

[STI Statistics] December 2014

Hi all, this is my monthly post analyzing the STI.

As of 31 December 2014

STI Closing Value: 3365.15
P/E Ratio: 13.62
P/B Ratio: 1.34

Monthly Data Series from 2008

Mean P/E: 12.18
P/E Standard Deviation: 3.19

Mean P/B: 1.47
P/B Standard Deviation: 0.21

% of time when the STI is cheaper based on P/E: 67.38%
% of time when the STI is cheaper based on P/B: 26.71%


The P/E and P/B ratios are still telling conflicting stories about the index. The STI does not look significantly cheap nor expensive by any historical measure

Considering how the index has not pulled back substantially yet, I am still waiting for an opportunity to enter long positions. Still no rush.

*Straits Times Index values from Yahoo Finance
** P/E and P/B Ratios from SPDR STI as a proxy

***Data Series 2008 - 2014 from Bloomberg
****Data Series 2014 from SPDR STI as a proxy
*****Probability calculated with

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