Friday, February 27, 2015


Have you seen these advertisements lately?

I always had the impression that the BK Fish'N Crisp was quite expensive until my father told me that he bought a burger for only $2. I was skeptical whether he really knew which burger he was talking about until I saw this ad that confirmed it. In response, McD's dropped their price too.

Personally, I find the BK Fish'N Crisp a bit more... breading-y and crunchy as opposed to the more flimsy, but meaty Mac's Filet-O-Fish. Other than the fish fillet itself, the Mac's burger has a very airy and squishy bun which I quite like. However, 9/10 times the person that made my Filet-O-Fish was not able to put the cheese in the middle of the burger. It's not a major complaint, but it irritates me that the fillings of my burger are lop-sided. I like have to an even spread of bun, fish, cheese and sauce with every bite. OCD? Probably.

But to be fair, I haven't had either of these burgers in a while. Maybe I will do a taste test soon since it would only cost me $4.

It's tough, but the aunties and uncles selling homemade $2 burgers can't beat these guys. Usually they don't even have cheese in their burgers, and the sauce is ketchup or chili. The next time I go for reservist I will report on the status of the mess burgers at my camp.

I wonder if anyone will call BK and McD smelly Foreign Trash companies owned by foreigners that come to Asia to hire cheap local unskilled labour and steal away the ricebowl of other Singaporeans?


Either way, between this clash of fast food titans, do you know who the real winners are? It's the consumers, like you and me.

It's a free market and I'm lovin it having it my way.


  1. best time to eat fish burger! rather than chicken burger or the same old double cheese burger again

    1. Hi jfree, I like to bluff myself that fish is the healthier option compared to chicken or beef, haha! It's good now we have more budget options!

  2. Hi GMGH

    Wah looks like you are following AK footsteps to eat $2 burger. :)

    1. $2 light meal / snack, how to complain, ehehe!

      I'm scared for the day that a curry puff costs more than a burger!


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