Monday, March 23, 2015

Noble Verdict: Death

Read the latest Iceberg Research report.

I've warned about Noble back in Feb when the 1st Iceberg Research report came out. It was very easy to verify that the claims regarding Yancoal's valuation. I don't like to be screwed around with. I folded my hand and walked away from the table with 3.4% profits in the pocket.

Since I closed out my trade at $1.06, Noble has fallen 18% to $0.875.

I fully expect much more selling pressure in Noble given the very unfavourable report by Iceberg. I am sure that right now the entire team at Noble are scrambling and working midnight oil to craft up a PR miracle defense. I am sure that it will be weak and feeble. At this point, it seems like nothing can save them.

How low can Noble go? I'm not even going to try and guess. I am most definitely not even going to be interested in this counter as an investment until this whole mess is cleared up - if it ever does.

All the best to all the brave knife-catchers out there. Don't mind me if I don't join in on the party this time fellas. There are 700 other counters on the SGX to play with, I'm not gonna get sliced into shreds trying to play this.


  1. True, there are so many other stocks on the SGX to invest into rather be a knife juggler on Noble.

    1. Noble seems to be holding up a lot better than I expected though! But yes, so many other stocks with less uncertainties surrounding them, trying to focus elsewhere now!

  2. Hi GMGH,

    Hmm, you do like to be screwed around with, or you don't like to be screwed around with? Confused...

    1. Jialat, I need to proofread more before posting. Thanks LP!


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