Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pay Less Taxes, Doh

Although this is a quote from an American judge regarding the American tax system, I think it is applicable to anyone who pays taxes.

Contrary to Robin Hood believers, I believe that it is everyone's own personal responsibility and RIGHT to reduce the amount of taxes that they should pay within the legal framework provided.

Paying more taxes than you should doesn't make you a good charity man, it just makes you stupid. If you really wanted to "donate" your money, just donate directly to charity, at least the charity gets the money directly.

Tax season is upon us and I urge people to see if they can claim tax relief and reduce their own income tax burden.

Information from IRAS in plentiful and in detail, so they are extremely useful. Download a copy of their income tax estimation calculator and you'll be able to see all the different reliefs and rebates available that you may be able to qualify for.

Do yourself a favour, spend a while trying to figure out how to reduce your own tax burden. Who knows, you could save yourself a lot of money that was already yours to begin with.


  1. How much tax a person is paying is really some ways within one's control. Unfortunately the preference is to whine rather than be in full control of it.

    1. All the tools and tweaks are available for all to use, but I think many are just unaware that there are such things!


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