Wednesday, April 8, 2015

[SGX Portfolio] March 2015 Update

As mentioned previously, this will be my attempt at having a monthly update of my SGX portfolio. I have also updated that page to include the historical growth of my portfolio. I find it personally encouraging to know that at this point last year I had nothing, but now I have accumulated a fair bit. Hopefully other people may be inspired and also decided to embark on their financial journey.
"The journey of a million miles begins with a single step"
Anyway, here are the current stats of the portfolio as of end March 2015.

Total Cost    $12,941.30     
Unrealized Gains$228.52
Accumulated Dividends $408.83
Realized Gains$145.66

*Total Cost is initial purchase cost of the current portfolio
*Unrealized Gains represents the unrealized capital gains on securities still held in the portfolio
*Accumulated Dividends is the total of all dividends collected thus far

*Realized Gains will only take into account the final net capital gain or loss after including transaction costs to close a long position on a security. 

I decided to go in and pick up some shares of Civmec when it was beaten down. I also took up small positions in Ho Bee Land and Falcon Energy.

I received $113.8 of dividends from Lippo Malls, Saizen REIT, Croesus REIT and Asian Pay TV Trust. It's quite a hefty amount of dividends to come in this particular month. I should have some dividends coming in this month ahead, but not as much.

Annual income from dividends is now expected to be about $821 for a full year, but of course I collected some and miss out others by not owning them the entire period. That brings the expected monthly income to $68.41 and daily income to be $2.25.

Based on the dividends I am expected to collect, my portfolio dividend yield on cost is estimated to be about 6.35%. I have taken the lower bound estimate for most of my counters, so it is quite possible to have surprises to the upside. My portfolio yield is dropping as I am trying to limit my individual exposure to high yielding names to spread my risks.

I am still very cautious about the local market. I am hoping for some broad market weakness soon to allow me entry to some good names at good prices. Therefore I am also trying to hold off purchases until there are some really tempting offers in the market. I have my eyes on quite a few counters.

I am still in the midst of coming up with a better watchlist and screening process to select counters to invest in, but this is a project that will take me a while since I am slowly trying to cover all the stocks on the SGX. It is a much slower process than I thought it would take. I'm being pretty slack about it.


  1. That is a pretty diversified portfolio... so many counters to keep track of...

    1. Hi Wolf,

      It's easy for me to keep track of them, I just plug them into an app. I try not to focus too much on any individual names or let the noise of the market affect me and my decisions. Unless there is a substantial fundamental change, I try not too think too much about them.

  2. You can try this to do your screening -

    1. Hey Anon, thanks for the tip. I already use the SGX screener, along with the Google screener, FT screener and also one found on POEMS.

      I'm casting a wide net, so my screen is catching a lot of stocks. I rather work my way through the names rather than tighten the screen, which might rule out certain industries.


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