Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Rant

Question everything, or else know nothing

This isn't the blog that gives you investment tips and make you rich. This is a blog about my own personal financial journey. Sure, I share bits and bobs of what I am doing, sometimes in such an excited and explicit fashion that it is so easy to "copy trade" me. Maybe I even go a bit overboard and seem to strongly recommend a certain investment. Don't mind me, I do get carried away sometimes, which is why I don't care how fugly my blog looks with that hideous disclaimer running down the left side bar on every page, but I think that it is absolutely necessary for readers to know that this is the internet, where everything can be made up. If you are using REAL money to follow people you don't know based on what they type and post on the internet, good luck to you buddy.

Of course all the bulls out there bloody hate to read my posts where I talk shit about the market, how it's overvalued and stuff. I'm a fringe nut that keeps rattling on about the TPTB and crazy conspiracy theories. I get it. Nobody enjoys getting their default view challenged, myself included.

"What a fucker, hoping for the markets to crash"

Good thing I'm not writing comments on other people's blog about how I think that they are wrong and how it will be so funny when they are wrong.

You know why I don't? Because I don't really care.

Jesse Felder from the Felder Report writes the best article to describe how I am feeling right now.

I think it is absolutely insane that the current mindset of the "passive investor" sheep herd is that you have to be all-in 100% stocks right now, or else you haven't got the balls to invest or you are not investing correctly.

Were these the same people that were 100% long gold in the 2000s or 100% short financials during the GFC? Of course not. These people aren't "investors". They are "stock investors". Buy stocks. Buy them low, buy them high, buy them all day. Bear market? Buy! Bull market? Buy! Seriously guys, whatever. Whatever floats your boat, bakes your cake and makes you happy and makes you money, I guess that's the correct strategy for you.

Am I sounding caustic? Maybe because I am trying to. If I only talk about rainbows and ponies, I don't think people will understand the point that I am trying to dive here that the markets can be a vicious and evil place. Not just the stock market, but all the financial markets. You think the bond market is easier than the stock market? You'd get your balls bitten off all the same, but in double-quick time.

Like the folks from Biwii puts it, it's fine to sit in cash when the crystal ball is foggy.

If you think that you need to be 100% in stocks right now to prove that you are "investing the correct way", go ahead. Show me what you are made of. No guts, no glory, right?

But might I also remind you, no brains, same story.

Lately I've been listening to progressive house and chillstep, so here's something to cool everyone down this hot day.


  1. Haha, chill... Do not have to bother about others. As long as the disclaimer is up, they cannot blame you for your posts. You are entitled to your opinions, views as well as how you trade or invest. Everyone is different in terms of the amount of risk we can take per trade.

    Life is too short to bother about the views of others. Only your own views matter in the end.


    1. Thanks wolf for the kind and wise words. I guess my rant is just my way of verbalizing the pent up frustrations that I have, but I do feel better after running off my mouth like that.


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