Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wedding: $110,000 or $26?

While getting my daily digest of the finance articles, I stumbled upon this article by Joanne Poh (one of my favourite random article authors) about why you might want to delay marriage. Although her article itself was interesting (and I agree with her), what I found more interesting was a linked article from the ST back in 2014 about a couple that spent $110,000 on their wedding. I almost shit myself instantaneously.

It just blows my mind that they spent $12,000 for a tulip arch made of 999 tulips from Holland.


Being the cheapskate cynical unromantic bastard that I am, I have uncovered that the true basic cost of getting married in Singapore is a measly $26.

Of course I'm not asking YOU to only spend $26. Your in-laws might kill you in your sleep. That is if of course your fiancee/wife doesn't already murder you for humiliating her. "YOU SPEND MORE MONEY ON YOUR PHONE PLAN FOR F***S SAKE, YOU CHEAP BASTARD!".

However, come on, $110,000 for a wedding. REALLY? I'm sure most of you sane people are nodding your head with me in agreement that the flower arch is batshit insane. But, at what point do we cross over from "normal" to "crazy"?

I think that this is kind of thing is like a scale. At one end we have fucked up people like me rooting for $26 marriages /non-weddings (I know that isn't really going to happen, but a guy can wish for his dream wedding just like a girl can, can't he?), on the other end of the scale we have crazy ass people who want to spend $110,000 on their wedding. Somewhere in between is normal, I suppose. You can't ask a crazy person what is normal. Crazy is normal to him.

I totally understand the "social pressure" of having a fancy wedding. I'm told it's because of all that "face" crap. I'm not a complete sociopath. Too bad (or luckily?) I don't really care much about those kind of things.

Bachelor for life? Probably! WOO HOO, NO PANTS.


  1. Hi GMGH,

    I agree with you that the $110k is too wasteful. But I also believe it depends on the finances of the couple (or their families). Imagine if their family is quite well off, $110k may not mean much in their eyes (and of course their social status). I believe you have to communicate with your partner on the amount you both are willing to spend on the wedding and honeymoon. Afterall, both of you will share the money when you are together.

    1. Hi wolf,

      That is true, a billionaire can't just have a $110k wedding. I do know that some people just dream about the perfect wedding, so I guess to them having that dream wedding has immense intangible wealth to them. It's okay if they've got the money for it though.

      As a true unromantic, I think it's really important to be on the same page with your partner regarding financial decisions and habits. Sometimes I wonder if young couples have talked about things like that before.

    2. Haha, both a romantic or unromantic can always have a chat about financial decisions with their partners. A couple must be open enough to talk about their financials. If not, sooner or later, something will come along and damage their future.

  2. Hi GMGH,

    Start off your marriage with debts?! Totally no go. If both parties cannot think wisely for financial matters, then good luck to them. Anyway, I am a true romantic, I think you can be a bachelor but you need love in your life =P

    1. Hey Jes,

      Agreed about the no debts. I don't see what's the rush to get married anyway. If it's for the rest of your life, why not put it off a few months to get in a better position? The date on the piece of paper is just a bit later.

      Anyway, who says a bachelor can't get some love? ;)

  3. Yeah $110,000 is such a huge amount for a wedding ceremony. I will never spend this much money on my wedding. I want to have a grand yet budgeted wedding at the domestic wedding venues in San Francisco .


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