Monday, May 25, 2015

Silly Speculator or Calculative Investor?

I know it is age old wisdom to NOT speculate when you are an investor. You need to have a long term view of your investments.

But what should you do if the future looks ubiquitously bad?

If you are 90% certain about something, is it speculation?

Where we are now, the rewards of staying in the market is completely dwarfed by the risks of staying in it. I don't think I'm crazy. If someone keeps checking if they are crazy, they can't be crazy, right?

Now, please tell me about how you are a long-term passive investor and how you are going to "dollar cost average" your way to financial freedom by buying US ETFs.

Why US ETFs? Cos our revered Uncle Warren said so! So, please tell me. I'm all ears.

Mind you, if you think being "invested" means having 100% allocation to equities, you can check into IMH and be my neighbour.


  1. So the US market is over-valued now? Sorry I'm new

    1. Hi Anon,

      In my unprofessional personal opinion, it is.


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