Wednesday, June 3, 2015

[STI Statistics] May 2015

Hi all, this is my monthly post analyzing the STI.

As of 29 May 2015

STI Closing Value: 3392.11
P/E Ratio: 13.66
P/B Ratio: 1.30
P/CF Ratio: 10.52
Dividend Yield: 2.71%

Monthly Data Series from 2008

Mean P/E: 12.27
P/E Standard Deviation: 3.15

Mean P/B: 1.47
P/B Standard Deviation: 0.21

% of time when the STI is cheaper based on P/E: 67.09%
% of time when the STI is cheaper based on P/B: 21.59%


The P/E and P/B ratios are still telling conflicting stories about the index. The STI does not look significantly cheap nor expensive by any historical measure. Valuation-wise, it seems to be getting cheaper.

Considering how the index has not pulled back substantially yet, I am still waiting for an opportunity to enter long positions. Still no rush. Zen mode.

*Straits Times Index values from Yahoo Finance
** P/E and P/B Ratios from SPDR STI as a proxy

***Data Series 2008 - 2014 from Bloomberg
****Data Series 2014 onwards from SPDR STI as a proxy
*****Probability calculated with


  1. Hi,

    Great blog you have over here. Extremely comprehensive analysis of the counters that you are talking about.

    Would love if you could do a link back to my blog? I have already done so for your blog.


    1. Hi there SG Investing Success,

      Thanks for the comment! Oh, I think there are others that do much deeper and better analysis, I'm a bit detached from each individual stock.

      Added your link on the blog roll, looking forward for more posts!


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