Friday, July 10, 2015

Gun To Your Head: Buy China or USA?

In a heartbeat, China.

Even though this data is not up to date showing the exact values at this point of time, I think it still is a pretty good big picture perspective of valuations around the world.

The irony is that because the China market is tanking, people are flocking out of it. 

What happen to all that crap of "be greedy when others are fearful"? Don't all these stupid China farmers read Warren Buffett?!?

Buy low, sell high. Buy low, sell high. I honestly don't really know anyone in real life that does that. Everyone I've talked about the markets with is telling me that if they were in, they would sell positions and enter at a lower price. Fuck me. Who doesn't know that?

If you sell when it is falling, and buy it back later when it is rising.... isn't that sell low, buy high? Or is it sell low, but buy back even lower? Genius strategy! I don't know why no one else has thought of that so far! LET'S ALL DO THAT!

I'd like to see the entry prices of all these people who apparently bought at the bottom and the start of the bull market, remained in positive unrealized gains the entire way, and then sold out all of it at the top. Talk is very cheap these days.

I wonder how cheap is my talk. Google Adsense values it at $0.60 a day.

Anyway, just want to lay it out that my brain damage is very severe. This is so that people that read the nonsense I write have some sense of what sort of mind they are peering into.

Apparently, I like to buy shit. Help me.

I don't buy into markets or assets that are "breaking out" to "new all-time highs". Perhaps that is another symptom of my brain damage. 

Gun to your head, the stock market is closed for the next 10 years. China or USA?


  1. Care to share what stocks you're looking at in China?

    I like Moutai, but not so keen on the China market now. Its one thing to quote Buffet abt the market being closed. Its another thing when half the stocks stop trading and it might actually happen!

    1. Hi BlackCat,

      I wouldn't pick individual stocks overseas, I don't think I have the ability to. I'd just go with an ETF or a unit trust when I think that the time is right.

      I do think that the China market still has plenty to fall, especially when looking at margin debt. But still, gun to my head, next 10 years, I'd put my money with China. Gun not to my head though? I'd wait until things get really ugly first.

  2. Replies
    1. Walou BfGf, are you trolling me? Haha, I want to hear your bull case!


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