Friday, July 24, 2015

I Like Ugly

Honestly, the market is boring the hell out of me. There is nothing interesting anymore, which is why I am blogging less frequently.

Anyway, I've been looking at local stocks and I've found quite a few ugly ass stocks which I am considering to buy soon.

Ascendas HTrust
Asian Pay TV
BRC Asia
Capita Commercial
CDL HTrust
CNMC Goldmine
Falcon Energy
Far East HTrust
Hotung Inv
HPH Trust
Keppel Corp
Mapletree Commercial
OUE Limited
Sabana REIT
Second Chance
Sembcorp Industries
Sin Heng Mech
Super Group
Suntec REIT

It's a long list of stocks, and I don't think that they are all fundamentally awesome, but as charts go, they have butt ugly charts. 

Why people buy at all-time highs is beyond me. I love looking for these potentially unloved gems. No competition, no news, no hype. This is totally my style.

Since I use SCB as my broker, maybe I'll throw some money at a few of these stocks and see how they go. Or maybe I'll just sit back and continue on with the rest of my life waiting for something interesting to happen in the markets.


  1. CNMC looks too good to be true

    1. Mmmmmm it's looks more and more attractive as the days go by. I think I will be waiting for gold itself it make a higher low over $1200USD before I invest more into CNMC. Your thoughts?


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