Saturday, July 11, 2015

Struggling Socialist Country Rejects Modern Technology And Embraces Economically Backwards Policies

Viva la France.

As the WSJ reports, 3 July 2015,

While other countries love to blast how Singapore is so "backwards", I think many countries should shut their stupid faces before they end up looking.... well, stupid.

Singapore has clearly recognized the existence of such disruptive services and have talked and thought about it.

However, people here are on the same page: if the (disruptive) services benefits the commuters and drivers, GO FOR IT.

The government's role is not to protect existing businesses and I am glad that they understand why businesses should not be protected. If it's a viable business, it will survive. If it's a shit business, it will close down.

Although I think that the free markets do a pretty darn good job at serving the needs of people, I don't think that it is always perfect (when more than just pure economic benefits are considered), so I do acknowledge that smart interventions can create something that might be more beneficial on the whole than the free markets. The debate here isn't even about creating surplus value over and on top of market-based capitalism, it's about allowing it in the first place!

The government's job is to clearly mark the playing field, create rules for fair play and ensure those rules are followed. They should not be biased to any (existing) team. May the best man win. FIGHT.

These socialist hedonists are just ignorantly living with high unemployment (normal unemployment over 10%, youth unemployment over 20%) with a badly run government (budget deficits for as long as I can find records... the past 20 years), tut tut tut. Maybe we need to send some economic envoys to France to teach them basic principles of economics and math? (But then again, it's a given their economics is full of shit if they managed to churn out Piketty) Maybe we should colonize these savages until we can properly educate them, then we can give them soverignty to run their own country? The way they do things so... it's so backwards.

Oh the irony. Kill me now.

Adapt and live, or stay and die.

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