Friday, July 31, 2015

Transport Review for Cyclists and PMDs... Finally!

One of the things I mentioned just a few weeks ago was about the state of the transport system in Singapore in accommodating "others" which don't happen to be cars or pedestrians.

Cutely enough, the Straits Times has announced that the LTA will be doing a review about this.

There is a survey thingy, I did it halfway but I stopped. I honestly can't be bothered to fill it up because my thoughts and opinions are being too narrowly classified.

In my mind, this is how I would like the foothpaths of Singapore to be like.  The foothpaths should be widened and have a clear line marked through it.

All cyclists and all PMD (Personal Mobility Devices), electric or not, should all be on the footpath and NOT on the main road. However, the flow of traffic should be in 1 direction only. The direction of traffic should follow the road beside it.

There should be a maximum speed limit of all foothpath users. Perhaps 10km/h if you are travelling at a normal speed, with allowances for overtaking.

If cyclists and PMD users need to travel in the other direction, they should cross the road.

Pedestrians and wheelchair users of course should be able to go in both directions.

If cyclists demand that they want to use the main road, they should all be subject to the same traffic laws as the rest of the road vehicles.

FOR EXAMPLE: Red light = stop. Not suka-suka turn into a "pedestrian" and follow the green pedestrian light, then cross finish become "car" again, wtf.

What does all this have to do with finance? Absolutely nothing. But it annoys the shit out of me that cyclist think they always have right of way on the road and they can also, as and when it suits them, move over onto the foothpath and terrorize pedestrians.

Right of way on the road doesn't mean jack shit if you end up dead.

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